Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts

Repository for PhD project files by Beeke Stegmann

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<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">
				<title>AM 114 8vo</title>

				<availability status="free">
					<licence target="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/"> Distributed by
						the University of Copenhagen under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
						3.0 Unported License.</licence>
				<authority>Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, København</authority>


				<msDesc xml:id="AM080114" xml:lang="en"> 
						<repository ref="#AMIS">Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík</repository>
						<idno>AM 114 8vo</idno>

					<msPart xml:id="AM080114CU1"> 
							<idno>AM 114 8vo CU1</idno>

							<msItem n="1" class="isl" defective="false">
								<locus from="1r" facs="#AM08-0114-0001r" to="16v">1r-16v</locus>
								<textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
								<title type="uniform">Kjalnesinga saga</title>
								<rubric>Hier Byrjar Søguna af Bwa Jsl<ex>e</ex>ndinge hinum Eynräda</rubric>
								<incipit>Helge Biölan Son Ketels flatnefs</incipit>
								<explicit>er mikil ætt frä h<ex>onu</ex>m komin<ex>n</ex>.</explicit>
								<finalRubric>og lukum vier þar Kialnesinga søgu.</finalRubric>
							<msItem n="2" class="islt" defective="false">
								<locus from="16v" facs="#AM08-0114-0016v" to="22r">16v-22r</locus>
								<title type="uniform">Jökuls þáttur Búasonar</title>
								<textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
								<rubric>Hier efter byrjast sagan<ex>n</ex> af Jøkle Búa syne.</rubric>
								<incipit>Jøkle þötte nu so Illt verk sitt</incipit>
								<explicit>og lykur so hier frä Jókli ad s<ex>e</ex>gja Bua sine</explicit>
								<colophon>An<ex>n</ex>o: 1661 þann 4.da Novemb<ex>er</ex></colophon>
								<note> Fol. <locus from="22v" facs="#AM08-0114-0022v" to="22v">22v</locus> 
									was originally blank.</note>

							<objectDesc form="codex">
								<supportDesc material="chart">
										<num type="front-flyleaf" value="1"/>
										<num type="book-block" value="22"/>
										<num type="back-flyleaf" value="1"/>
										<dimensions type="leaf">
											<height unit="mm" quantity="157"/>  
											<width unit="mm" atLeast="96" atMost="100"/>
										<watermark ana="yes">The watermark is a small foolscap in a collar with five bells, possibly with a chain. 
											The countermark consists of several letters. Due to the condition of the paper, the watermark is difficult to see.
											<p>The details are:
												<item>Fol. 1: foolscap (top, smaller part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 2: letters</item>
													<item>Fol. 3: letters</item>
													<item>Fol. 4: foolscap (bottom, smaller part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 5: foolscap (bottom, larger part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 6: letters</item>
													<item>Fol. 7: letters</item>
													<item>Fol. 8: foolscap (top, larger part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 9: "blank"</item>
													<item>Fol. 10: foolscap (bottom, smaller part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 11: foolscap (top, smaller part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 12: letters [off centre]</item>
													<item>Fol. 13: letters [off centre]</item>
													<item>Fol. 14: foolscap (top, larger part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 15: foolscap (bottom, larger part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 16: "blank"</item>
													<item>Fol. 17: letters</item>
													<item>Fol. 18: foolscap (bottom, smaller part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 19: foolscap (top, smaller part) (?)</item>
													<item>Fol. 20: foolscap (top, larger part) (?)</item>
													<item>Fol. 21: foolscap (bottom, larger part)</item>
													<item>Fol. 22: letters</item>
									<foliation ana="later fol">There is later foliation in different hands (1-20). In 
										black ink, every fifth folio number (and possibly 22 on the last leaf, which is
										largely damaged) was written in the top outer corner. Two different hands have then added 
										the missing numbers in the equivalent corner using black and grey ink. Finally,
									the number 22 was written in pencil underneath the foliation number of the first leaf.</foliation> 
										<p>There are three quires: <list>
												<item>I: fols. 1-8 (1+8, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5) (4 bifolia)</item> 
												<item>II: fols. 9-16 (9+16, 10+15, 11+14, 12+13) (4 bifolia)</item>
												<item>III: fols. 17-22 (17+22, 18+21, 19+20) (3 bifolia)</item>
										<signatures>There are no quire signatures.</signatures>
										<catchwords>There are catchwords on every page.</catchwords>
									<condition><p>The leaves have darkened considerably and show many stains, e.g. from ink.</p>
									<p>The leaves are partially untrimmed.</p> 
									<p>The edges of many leaves have been repaired.</p>
									<p>Fol. <locus>16</locus> has been separated from fol. <locus>9</locus>, the other half of the original bifolium. It is 
									now rejoined after restoration. <note>Since the leaf appears to have been cut off, 
									it is possible that the bifolium was intended to be dismembered in order to separate the two 
									texts into individual CUs.</note></p></condition> 
									<layout columns="1" writtenLines="30 35">
										<num type="wpl" atLeast="9" atMost="10"/>
										<dimensions type="written">
											<height unit="mm" quantity="142"/> 
											<width unit="mm" quantity="85"/>

							<handDesc hands="1">
								<handNote scribeRef="#BryJon001" scope="sole" script="hybrida"/> <!-- identification taken from handrit.is -->

							<decoDesc><decoNote type="initial">The initials are decorated by means of bolder lines and additional
							strokes. At the beginning of the texts, the initials span 2-3 lines. At chapter beginnings, the first letters
							are only slightly emphasised.</decoNote>
								<decoNote type="paratext">The rubrics and first lines of each section are written in a more decorative script.</decoNote>
								<decoNote type="frieze">There are small tailpieces at the end of the texts (resembling a cursive
							letter "C").</decoNote></decoDesc>
							<additions><p>On fol. <locus>22v</locus>, there are many later pen trials
							in different kinds of ink. Most of them are a version of the owner's note: <q>Hallur Biarnarson ä þ<ex>e</ex>ssa Bök
							m<ex>ed</ex> Riettu en<ex>n</ex> Eingin<ex>n</ex> an<ex>n</ex>ar hu<ex>or</ex>r s<ex>e</ex>m van<ex>n</ex>ar
							þan<ex>n</ex> 30 Aprilis An<ex>n</ex>o 1665</q>.</p>
							<p>The lower part of fol. <locus>22r</locus> also contains later pen trials.</p>
							<p>There is some younger marginalia in the upper part of the outer margin on fol. <locus>19v</locus>.
								This writing seems to be partly cut off.</p></additions>
							<bindingDesc><binding><p>The current binding is a modern half binding with fabric on the
							boards made by <name type="person" key="BirDal001">Birgitte Dall</name> in 
								<date when="1977">1977</date>. Before, the manuscript was bound in a grey cardboard binding with blank, slightly bluish hand
								made paper as the pastedowns. On the front cover, the number <q>114</q> was written in the top left-hand corner using black ink. Moreover,
								remnants of the number <q>178(?)</q> in brown ink can be seen in that corner. On the spine, there are two stickers for the shelfmark 
								and the running number. This older binding is kept in the same box as the manuscript.</p></binding> 

								<p>An <locus from="accMat01r" to="accMat01v">AM-slip</locus>
										(<dimensions type="slip" unit="mm"><height>157</height><width>105</width></dimensions>) 
									is located in front of the manuscript. <name key="ArnMag001" type="person">Árni
										Magnússon</name> has written on it: <q>Ur qvere Halldors Þorbergssonar er Mag.
											Biỏrn liedi mier, þar var ä <add place="inline" hand="later hand" rend="pencil">Sagan af
												Bua og Jokle Bua Syne</add> Sniasqvædi, Kỏtludr<ex>aumur</ex>, An<ex>n</ex>ar 
											partur Eddu. Grænlandz saga Biỏrns ä Skardzä og fleira rusl.</q> 
									The slip is made from an old envelope. On the verso-side, part of the address, folding lines and some remnants
									of a red applied seal (possibly shellac) are still visible. The legible part of the address reads: 
									<q>Þurydi Arnadotter Min<ex>n</ex>e Elskulegri Velgiórda systur ad Sæboli 
									ä Jngialldssandi er þetta Blad af astseme allkiærlega Thilteyknad(?) og Sentt</q>
									<!-- on Þuríður Árnadóttir see Manntal á Íslandi 1703, p. 202. -->
								<p>A loose slip kept in the front of the manuscript contains information on the restoration done in Copenhagen:
								<q>AM 114.8vo. Restaureret og indbundet af Birgitte Dall marts 1977. Ældre bind vedlagt.</q></p>

								<p>The codicological unit was written in <origPlace key="IS">Iceland</origPlace> in <origDate
										when="1661">1661</origDate> (see colophon).</p>
								<p>The first known owner is a certain Hallur Bjarnarson who
									claimed the codicological unit in <date>1665</date>, i.e. only a few years after it was written.
									<name type="person" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name> borrowed the codicological unit as part
									of a booklet from bishop <name type="person" key="BjoTho004">Björn Þorleifsson</name>. Ultimately, <name type="person" 
										key="ArnMag001">Árni</name> associates the larger volume with <name type="person" 
											key="HalTho002">Halldór Þorbergsson</name>.

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								</listRelation><listBibl><bibl>AM 456 fol.</bibl></listBibl>
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