Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts

Repository for PhD project files by Beeke Stegmann

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<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">
				<title>AM 53 8vo</title>
				<availability status="free"><licence target="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/">
					Distributed by the University of Copenhagen under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
					3.0 Unported License.</licence></availability>
				<authority>Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, København</authority>
				<msDesc xml:id="AM080053" xml:lang="en">
						<repository ref="#AMIS">Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík</repository>
						<idno>AM 53 8vo</idno>
					<msPart xml:id="AM080053CU1"> 
							<idno>AM 53 8vo CU1</idno>
						<msItem n="1">
							<locus from="1r" to="23v">1r-23v</locus>
							<title type="uniform">Kristinréttur Árna biskups</title>
							<rubric>Hier Byriar vpp hin<ex>n</ex> Nyia Kristin<ex>n</ex>s Doms Riettur þan<ex>n</ex> er h<ex>e</ex>rra Jon Erki b<ex>isku</ex>p saman
							sette, og logtekin<ex>n</ex> er vm<ex>m</ex> Skalholtz B<ex>isku</ex>ps Dæme</rubric>
							<textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
						<msItem n="2">
							<locus from="23v" to="51r">23v-51r</locus>
							<title type="supplied">Kirkjuskipanir</title>
							<textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
								<note>Fol. <locus>51v</locus> is blank.</note>
						<objectDesc form="codex">							
							<supportDesc material="chart">								
									<num type="front-flyleaf" value="1"/>
									<num type="book-block" value="51"/>
									<num type="back-flyleaf" value="1"/>
									<dimensions type="leaf">
										<height unit="mm" quantity="154"/>
										<width unit="mm" quantity="98"/>
									<watermark ana="yes">The watermark is difficult to see. It seems to consist of
										one rather asymmetrical part, and one more symmetrical part (possibly a coat of arms?) 
										<note>The same watermark is found in <ref>AM 37 b 8vo CU2</ref>.</note><p>
											<!-- one leaf missing? But 1r rather dirty. -->
											<item>Fol. 1: watermark</item>
											<item>Fol. 2: watermark</item>
											<item>Fol. 3: "blank"</item>
											<item>Fol. 4: "blank"</item>
											<item>Fol. 5: watermark</item>
											<item>Fol. 6: watermark</item>
											<item>Fol. 7: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 8: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 9: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 10: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 11: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 12: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 13: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 14: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 15: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 16: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 17: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 18: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 19: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 20: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 21: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 22: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 23: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 24: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 25: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 26: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 27: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 28: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 29: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 30: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 31: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 32: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 33: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 34: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 35: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 36: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 37: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 38: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 39: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 40: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 41: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 42: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 43: watermark</item> 
												<item>Fol. 44: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 45: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 46: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 47: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 48: watermark</item>
												<item>Fol. 49: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 50: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 51: watermark</item>
												<!-- two leaves missing -->
								<foliation ana="later pag">There is pagination in black ink in the top outer corner of every recto-page (1-51).</foliation> 
								<collation><p>There are eight quires: <list>
									<item>I: fols. 1-6 (1+6, 2+5, 3+4) (3 bifolia) <note>Fol. 7 originally belonged to this quire.</note></item>  
									<item>II: fols. 7-15 (7, 8+15, 9+14, 10+13, 11+12) (1 singleton, 4 bifolia) <note>Fol. 7 originally belonged to the previous quire.</note></item>
									<item>III: fols. 16-23 (16+23, 17+22, 18+21, 19+20) (4 bifolia) <note>The bifolium 16+23 has been repaired at the spine. However, this could be an original quire
										according to the watermarks.</note></item>
									<item>IV: fols. 24-31 (24+31, 25+30, 26+29, 27+28) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>V: fols. 32-39 (32+39, 33+38, 34+37, 35+36) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>VI: fols. 40-47 (40+45, 41+44, 42+43, 46, 47) (3 bifolia, 2 singletons) <note>Fols. 46 and 47 originally belonged to quire VII, 
									which is short of the last two leaves.</note></item>
									<item>VII: fols. 48-51 (48+51, 49+50) (2 bifolia) <note>This is an incomplete quire. Originally, fols. 46 and 47 formed the outermost
									two bifolia together with two more leaves (now missing).</note></item>
									<signatures>There are no quire signatures.</signatures>
									<catchwords>There are catchwords on every page except for at the end of a text.</catchwords> 
								<condition><p>The paper is relatively dark and shows several stains.</p>
									<p>Most leaves are trimmed, but a few edges were missed.</p>
									<p>The openings fols. <locus>7v-8r</locus>, <locus>15v-16r</locus>, <locus>23v-24r</locus>,
								<locus>31v-32v</locus>, <locus>39v-40r</locus> and <locus>45v-46r</locus> are slightly darker than the other pages, 
									indicating the original quire boundaries. <note>Fol. <locus>1r</locus> is similarly dirty, but fol. 
										<locus>51v</locus> is cleaner.</note></p>
								<p>Some leaves were repaired in modern times using Japanese paper.</p></condition> 
								<layout columns="1" writtenLines="19 25">
									<num type="wpl" atLeast="8" atMost="12"/>
									<dimensions type="written">
										<height unit="mm" quantity="130"/>
										<width unit="mm" quantity="80"/>
						<handDesc hands="1">
							<handNote scribeRef="#EggJon003" scope="sole" script="chancery">The chancery script in the rubrics is more decorative. In the
							main text, there is some influence from early kurrent script.</handNote>
						<decoDesc><decoNote type="initial">The first initial (H) spans 4 lines and is decorated by means of double lines with cross strokes inside.
							Other initials usually span 1-2 lines (sometimes 3-4) and are emphasised by means of additional loops and squiggles.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="paratext">The rubrics are written in a more decorative version of chancery script.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="paratext">The catchwords are written in kurrent script and are decorated with a squiggle or zigzag-line to the left and underneath it.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="paratext">The end of the text is written in the shape of half a diamond.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="frieze">At the end of the text, there is a small tailpiece resembling a modern @-sign.</decoNote></decoDesc>
						<additions><p>The scribe has made some additions and corrections in the margins.</p>
							<p>A later hand has added a few corrections and chapter numbers in the margins.</p></additions>
						<bindingDesc><binding><p>The current binding is a modern half binding with fabric on the boards.
						It was made by <name type="person" key="BirDal001">Birgitte Dall</name> in <date when="1980">1980</date> (see accMat).
						</p><p>Before, the manuscript was bound in a dark half binding from <name type="person" key="KriKaa001">Kristian Kålund</name>'s time
							(ca. <date notBefore="1911" notAfter="1913">1911-1913</date>). The older binding has blue and brown marbled paper on the boards and
							is kept separately in a box with other older bindings.</p>
						<p>Even earlier than that, the manuscript was bound in a parchment binding from <name type="person" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name>'s time
							(ca. <date notBefore="1700" notAfter="1730">1700-1730</date>) with reused leaves from a 
							Latin ecclesiastical manuscript on the boards <bibl><ref target="KKKat">Katalog II</ref>,
								<biblScope unit="page">360</biblScope></bibl>. The leaves were taken of under <name type="person" key="KriKaa001">Kristian Kålund</name> and are
							now stored in <ref>AM Access. 7 d</ref> (Hs 28).
							<p>An <locus from="accMat01r" to="accMat01v">AM-slip</locus> 
							(<dimensions type="slip" unit="mm"><height>131</height><width>77</width></dimensions>) 
							is attached in front of the manuscript.
							<name key="ArnMag001" type="person">Árni Magnússon</name> has written on it:
								<q>Kristin Rettur
									Jons Erki b<ex>isku</ex>ps med hende Eggerts, gamla, ä ỏkrum, ur bok er eg feck fra
									Skapta Josefssyne.</q> 
							<p>A loose slip with information on the restoration done in Copenhagen is stuck into the manuscript.
							It reads: <q>AM 53 8vo. Restaureret og indbundet på Birgitte Dalls værksted juni 1980. Vedlagt: Ældre bind.</q></p>
							<p>The codicological unit was written in <origPlace key="IS">Iceland</origPlace>.
								Kålund dates it to the <origDate notBefore="1601" notAfter="1700">seventeenth century</origDate> 
								<bibl><ref target="KKKat">Katalog II</ref>,
									<biblScope unit="page">360</biblScope></bibl>.</p>
							<p><name type="person" role="owner" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name> received
								the manuscript, of which this codicological unit was a part, in <date when="1712">1712</date> from 
								<name type="person" key="SkaJos001">Skapti Jósefsson</name> (see accMat).</p>
 						   <listRelation period="t0">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM080053CU1" passive="#AM080053" n="1"/>
							<listRelation period="t1">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM080053CU1" passive="#JO080053" n="1"/>
							</listRelation><listBibl><bibl>AM 456 fol.</bibl></listBibl> 
							<listRelation period="t2">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM080053CU1" passive="#BS46" n="3r"/>
							<!--<listRelation period="t3">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#" passive="#" n=""/>
							</listRelation><listBibl><bibl></bibl></listBibl> -->
			<change type="handrit"><name key="ThorSig01" type="person">ÞS</name> skráði <date when="2002-01-15">15. janúar
			<change when="2015" who="#BS">Adopted from handrit.is and adjusted according to own standards.</change> 


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