Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts

Repository for PhD project files by Beeke Stegmann

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				<title>AM 1006 4to</title>
				<availability status="free"><licence target="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/">
					Distributed by the University of Copenhagen under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
					3.0 Unported License.</licence></availability>
				<authority>Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, København</authority>
				<msDesc xml:id="AM041006" xml:lang="en"> 
						<repository ref="#AMDK">Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, Copenhagen</repository> 
						<idno>AM 1006 4to</idno>
					<msPart xml:id="AM041006CU1"> 
							<idno>AM 1006 4to CU1</idno>
						<msItem n="1">
							<locus from="1r" to="102r"/>  		
							<title type="uniform">Knýtlinga saga</title>
							<textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
							<rubric>Knytlinga Saga</rubric>
							<rubric>1 Cap. Frä Sveine Könge Vlfs Syne Og Magnuse K<ex>on</ex>ge göda</rubric>
							<incipit>Sweirn son Vlfs Jarls tök Jarldöm</incipit>
							<explicit>Nälega hingad aa Nordur lönd.</explicit>
							<finalRubric>nu lykur hier ad seigia fraa Knytlingum.</finalRubric>
							<note>Fols. <locus>102v-105v</locus> are blank.</note>
						<objectDesc form="codex">							
							<supportDesc material="chart">								
									<num type="front-flyleaf" value="3"/>
									<num type="book-block" value="105"/> <!-- including the added slip 69 -->
									<num type="back-flyleaf" value="3"/>
									<dimensions type="leaf">
										<height unit="mm" quantity="188"/> 
										<width unit="mm" quantity="150"/>
									<watermark ana="yes">The watermark is a large coat of arms (no lions) with a crown on top. Inside the coat of arms is a lily, and underneath the letters
										"NRO" were written in a rectangular frame. There is no countermark.<p>
											The details are.
												<item>Fol. 1: "blank"</item> <!-- repaired and attached to front flyleaf-->
												<item>Fol. 2: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 3: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 4: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 5: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 6: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 7: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 8: "blank"</item> <!-- single -->
												<item>Fol. 9: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 10: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 11: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 12: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 13: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 14: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 15: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 16: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 17: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 18: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 19: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 20: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 21: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 22: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 23: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 24: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 25: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 26: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 27: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 28: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 29: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 30: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 31: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 32: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 33: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 34: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 35: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 36: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 37: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 38: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 39: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 40: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 41: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 42: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 43: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 44: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 45: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 46: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 47: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 48: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 49: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 50: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 51: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 52: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 53: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 54: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 55: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 56: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 57: "blank"</item> 
												<item>Fol. 58: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 59: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 60: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 61: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 62: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 63: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 64: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 65: "blank"</item> 
												<item>Fol. 66: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 67: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 68: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 70: coat of arms (top)</item> <!-- fol. 69 is small slip without any watermark visible but chain-lines. -->
												<item>Fol. 71: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 72: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 73: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 74: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 75: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 76: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 77: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 78: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 79: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 80: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 81: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 82: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 83: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 84: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 85: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 86: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 87: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 88: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 89: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 90: "blank"</item> 
												<item>Fol. 91: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 92: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 93: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 94: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 95: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 96: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 97: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 98: coat of arms (top)</item> 
												<item>Fol. 99: coat of arms (top)</item>
												<item>Fol. 100: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 101: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 102: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 103: "blank"</item>
												<item>Fol. 104: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
												<item>Fol. 105: coat of arms (bottom)</item>
										<p>Fol. <locus>69</locus> is a small slip without any watermark visible, only chain-lines.</p>
										<p>On the AM-slip, a top corner of a smaller maid of Dort ("ProPatria") watermark is visible.</p>
										<p>The flyleaves are made from 
											handmade paper with a large coat of arms of Amsterdam watermark ("MI" in the plinth underneath). 
											<note>The flyleaves belong to the current binding. The same watermark is found in the 
												flyleaves of <ref>AM 1 a fol.</ref>, which is bound in a binding from
										<name type="person" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name>'s time as well.</note></p></watermark> 
								<foliation ana="later fol">There is later foliation in red ink in the top outer corners by <name type="person" key="KriKaa001">Kålund</name> (1-102). 
									The foliation of the final leaves (103-105) was added in pencil by <name type="person" key="MetJak001">Mette Jakobsen</name>.</foliation> 
								<collation><p>There are thirteen quires: <list>
									<item>I: fols. 1-8 (1, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5, 8) (3 bifolia, 2 singletons) <note>Fols. 1 and 8 used to belong together.</note></item> 
									<item>II: fols. 9-16 (9+16, 10+15, 11+14, 12+13) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>III: fols. 17-24 (17+24, 18+23, 19+22, 20+21) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>IV: fols. 25-32 (25+32, 26+31, 27+30. 28+29) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>V: fols. 33-40 (33+40, 34+39, 35+38, 36+37) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note> </item>
									<item>VI: fols. 41-48 (41+48, 42+47, 43+46, 44+45) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>VII: fols. 49-56 (49+56, 50+55, 51+54, 52+53) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>VIII: fols. 57-64 (57+64, 58+63, 59+62, 60+61) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>IX: fols. 65-73 (65+73, 66+72, 67+71, 68+70, 69) (4 bifolia, 1 singleton) <note>This is an original quire with an added slip (fol. 69).</note></item>
									<item>X: fols. 74-81 (74+81, 75+80, 76+79, 77+78) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>XI: fols. 82-89 (82+89, 83+88, 84+87, 85+86) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>XII: fols. 90-97 (90+97, 91+96, 92+95, 93+94) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<item>XIII: fols. 98-105 (98+105, 99+104, 100+103, 101+102) (4 bifolia) <note>This is an original quire.</note></item>
									<signatures>There are no quire signatures.</signatures>
									<catchwords>There are catchwords on every page.</catchwords>
								<condition><p>The paper is relatively clean with only a few stains.</p>
									<p>The edges have been trimmed, but are somewhat darker.</p>
									<p>Fols. <locus>1r</locus>, <locus>8v-9r</locus>, <locus>16v-17r</locus> etc. 
										(i.e. the pages at the quire boundaries) are slightly 
										darker and more stained than the rest. 
										Fol. <locus>1r</locus> is even darker than the other pages.</p></condition> 
								<layout columns="1" writtenLines="20 23">
									<num type="wpl" atLeast="7" atMost="12"/>
									<dimensions type="written">
										<height unit="mm" quantity="160"/>
										<width unit="mm" quantity="120"/>
									<note>Verses are marked with a small "v" in the margins.</note>
						<handDesc hands="1">
							<handNote scribeRef="unknown" scope="sole" script="mixed">The scribe switches frequently in between script types. The most common are kurrent 
							script for the main text and a form of chancery for rubrics, beginnings of sections and verses.</handNote> <!-- different hand than in AM 408 e 4to -->
						<decoDesc><decoNote type="initial">The initials on the first page span up to 3 lines and are richly decorated by means of,
							among others, flourishes, curls and bold lines.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="initial">Other initials are smaller (1-2 lines) and sometimes emphasised by means of bold lines or additional strokes and loops.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="paratext">Rubrics and the first lines of sections are emphasised by means of a more decorative, sometimes larger script.
							The main heading on fol. <locus>1r</locus> is lavishly decorated.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="paratext">The catchwords are decorated using lines and squiggles.</decoNote>
						<decoNote type="paratext">The last 2 lines are written in a slight diamond shape.</decoNote></decoDesc>
							<p>On the verso-side of the third front flyleaf can be read in brown ink: <q>Hannc Chartiam Vigrensem Voco. et per. Vig. noto</q>. 
								<!--"Diese Papierhandschrift nenne ich /Vigrensis /(d.h. aus Vigur) und bezeichne sie mit /Vig/". (Translation by Astrid Marner)-->
								<!-- scribe not identified but cannot be prior to AM, since the flyleaves were added under him-->
						<note>This note supports the information from the AM-slip that the manuscript is related to <name type="place">Vigur</name>.</note></p> 
						<p>Fol. <locus>69</locus> is a small slip (<dimensions type="slip"><height unit="mm">50</height><width unit="mm">97</width></dimensions>) 
							which is pasted onto fol. <locus>70</locus>.
						It contains an addition to the text written by the scribe.</p></additions>
						<bindingDesc><binding><p>The binding is from <name key="ArnMag001" type="person">Árni Magnússon</name>'s time
							(ca. <date notBefore="1730" notAfter="1730">1700-1730</date>). It is a half binding with reused parchment on the boards and blank parchment on the spine.
						The text on the parchment leaves was written in Latin. It is arranged in two columns, and there are many initials and decorations in light and dark red.
						At the spine fold parchment strips are laced through. There are traces of two stickers for the shelfmark and 
						the running number on the spine. The pastedowns (as well as the flyleaves) are made from 
						white handmade paper. </p></binding></bindingDesc> 
							<p>An <locus from="accMat01r" to="accMat01v">AM-slip</locus> 
							(<dimensions type="slip" unit="mm"><height>165</height><width>105</width></dimensions>)
							is attached on the recto-side of the third front flyleaf of the manuscript.
							One of <name key="ArnMag001" type="person">Árni Magnússon</name>'s scribes has written on it
								the following message, which was corrected and altered by <name type="person" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name>:
								<q xml:lang="is">Knytlinga
									Sỏgu ä <del resp="ArnMag001">Vice</del> Lỏgmaduren<ex>n</ex>, komna ur Vigur, Og
									skrifada epter þvi exemplari er S<ex>era</ex> Helgi
									Olafsson kom med ur Sviariki <add place="below" hand="ArnMag001">an<ex>n</ex>ad hvert af
									S<ex>era</ex> Helga sialfu<ex>m</ex> eda
										ỏdru<ex>m</ex>, ept<ex>er</ex> h<ex>an</ex>s exemplare id nunc
										n<ex>on</ex> meminit. er i 4to</add>, byriar ä Sveini
									Kongi, <add place="inline" hand="ArnMag001">(</add>eins og <name type="person" key="OleWor001">Wormii</name> charta<del resp="ArnMag001">.</del>,
									<add place="inline" hand="ArnMag001">,cujus apographum habeo). Relatio ipsius.</add>
									<add place="below" hand="ArnMag001">Þ<ex>ad</ex>an mun
									S<ex>era</ex> Vigfuss <add place="above" hand="ArnMag001">Gudbr<ex>ands</ex>
										s<ex>onar</ex></add> exemplar vera.</add></q>
								On the verso-side of the slip <name key="ArnMag001" type="person">Árni Magnússon</name> has written:
								<q>Lỏgmadren<ex>n</ex> Pall Jónsson ä en<ex>n</ex>nu an<ex>n</ex>ad exemplar, in folio, komed sỏmuleidis fra Vigur.</q>
							<p>The codicological unit was written in <origPlace key="IS">Iceland</origPlace>.
								Kålund dates it to the <origDate notBefore="1651" notAfter="1700">second half of the seventeenth century</origDate> 
								<bibl><ref target="KKKat">Katalog II</ref>,
									<biblScope unit="page">290</biblScope></bibl>.</p>
							<p>According to the AM-slip, <name type="person" role="owner" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name> received this codicological unit
								from <name type="person" key="PalJon005">Páll Vídalín</name> who had acquired it from <name type="place">Vigur</name>. 
								The AM-slip seems to have been written as an independent note slip while the codicological unit was still
								in the possession of <name type="person" key="PalJon005">Páll Vídalín</name>. Later, after the acquisition, this slip was
								added to the present codicological unit.
								Based on a slip found in <ref>AM 408 e 4to</ref>,
								it is likely that this is the <title type="uniform">Knýtlinga saga</title> that formed the first part of a larger codex
								from <name type="person" key="PalJon005">Páll Vídalín</name>.
								If that association is correct, the present codicological unit may have a separate origin and
								 was presumably added to the larger manuscript somewhat later.</p>
 						   <listRelation period="t0">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM041006CU1" passive="#AM041006" n="1"/>
							<listRelation period="t1">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM041006CU1" passive="x" n="x"/>
							</listRelation><listBibl><bibl>BS</bibl></listBibl> <!-- not in Jón Ólafsson's catalogue -->
							<listRelation period="t2">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM041006CU1" passive="#BS29" n="1h"/> 
							<listRelation period="t3">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM041006CU1" passive="x" n="x"/>
			<change when="2015" who="#BS">Catalogued from scratch.</change> 


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