Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts

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<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">
                <title>AM 615 h 4to</title>
                <availability status="free"><licence target="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/">
                    Distributed by the University of Copenhagen under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
                    3.0 Unported License.</licence></availability>
                <authority>Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, København</authority>
                <msDesc xml:id="AM040615h" xml:lang="en"> 
                        <repository ref="#AMIS">Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík</repository>
                        <idno>AM 615 h 4to</idno>
                    <msPart xml:id="AM040615hCU1"> 
                            <idno>AM 615 h 4to CU1</idno>
                        <textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
                        <msItem n="1" class="rimur">
                            <locus from="1r:1" to="18v:30">1r-18v</locus>
                            <author>Björn Jónsson</author>
                            <title type="uniform">Appollonius rímur</title>
                            <note>18 rímur.</note>
                            <rubric>APOLLONII RMUR</rubric>
                            <incipit>Þógn ad lasta mæter men<ex>n</ex></incipit>
                            <explicit>Gud sie med oss øllum</explicit>
                        <msItem n="2" class="rimur" defective="true">
                            <locus from="18v:31" to="28v:9">18v-28v</locus>
                            <title type="uniform">Ásmundar rímur og Tryggva</title>
                            <rubric>Rÿmur af Asmunde og Triggva</rubric>
                            <incipit>Myn er fanyt fræda men<ex>n</ex>tt</incipit>
                            <explicit>audnu virdist senda</explicit>
                            <note>There is a lacuna at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth ríma due to 
                                one missing leaf after fol. <locus>20v</locus>.</note>
                        <msItem n="3" class="kvad">
                            <locus from="28v:10" to="28v:43">28v</locus>
                            <author>Hallgrímur Pétursson</author>
                            <title type="supplied">Samstæður</title>
                            <title type="parallel">Of og van, illt og gott</title>
                            <incipit>Eitt er vid ofe hætt</incipit>
                            <explicit>lÿka er halldin<ex>n</ex> djgd rÿk</explicit>
                            <bibl><ref>Ljóðmæli (2) 2000</ref>, <biblScope unit="page">71-76</biblScope></bibl>
                            <objectDesc form="codex">							
                                <supportDesc material="chart">								
                                        <num type="front-flyleaf" value="0"/>
                                        <num type="book-block" value="28"/>
                                        <num type="back-flyleaf" value="0"/>
                                        <dimensions type="leaf">
                                            <height unit="mm" quantity="205"/>
                                            <width unit="mm" quantity="162"/>
                                        <watermark ana="yes"><p>The watermark in the first quire is a smaller foolscap.</p> <p>In the latter quires, no watermark
                                            can be seen.</p>
                                        The details of the first quire are:
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>1</locus>: ?</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>2</locus>: foolscap (bottom)</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>3</locus>: "blank"</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>4</locus>: foolscap (top)</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>5</locus>: "blank"</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>6</locus>: GH?</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>7</locus>: "blank" (opp. of GH)</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>8</locus>: "blank"</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>9</locus>: foolscap (bottom)</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>10</locus>: "blank"</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>11</locus>: foolscap (top)</item>
                                            <item>Fol. <locus>12</locus>: ?</item>
                                    <foliation ana="contemporary fol">There is older foliation in brown ink in the bottom margins (69-95)
                                       not counting the missing leaf after fol. <locus>20</locus>. By mistake, number 80 was used twice. A later
                                    hand thus corrected the second occurrence (on fol. <locus>13r</locus>) to "80bis".</foliation> 
                                    <foliation ana="later fol">There is modern foliation in pencil in the top outer corners of some leaves (1-12).</foliation>
                                    <collation><p>There are three quires: <list>
                                        <item>I: fols. 1-12 (1+12, 2+11, 3+10, 4+9, 5+8, 6+7) (6 bifolia)</item>
                                        <item>II: fols. 13-20 (13+20, 14+19, 15+18, 16+17) (4 bifolia) <note>The missing leaf must have been a singleton in this or the following quire.</note></item>
                                        <item>III: fols. 21-28 (21+28, 22+27, 23+26, 24+25) (4 bifolia)</item>
                                        <signatures>There are no quire signatures.</signatures>
                                        <catchwords>There are no catchwords.</catchwords> 
                                    <condition><p>One leaf is missing in between fol. <locus>20</locus> and <locus>21</locus>.</p>
                                        <p>There are many stains and repairs.</p> <p>The pages are rather dirty and have darkened. The pages that
                                            are at a quire boundary are the darkest. Their text is at times difficult to read.</p>
                                        <p>Many edges have been repaired and some text was lost
                                                due to the decay of the material.</p></condition> 
                                    <layout columns="1 2" writtenLines="43 47">
                                        <num type="wpl" atLeast="13" atMost="15"/>
                                        <dimensions type="written">
                                            <height unit="mm" quantity="180"/>
                                            <width unit="mm" quantity="135"/>
                                        <note>Most of fol. <locus>28v</locus> was written in two columns.</note>
                            <handDesc hands="1">
                                <handNote scribeRef="unknown" scope="sole" script="hum cursiva"/>
                            <decoDesc><decoNote type="initial">The initials are written slightly larger than the main text (1-2 lines) and
                                are emphasised by means of a few additional strokes.</decoNote>
                                <decoNote type="paratext">The rubrics are emphasised by means of larger script.</decoNote></decoDesc>
                            <additions><p>In the bottom margin of fol. <locus>20v</locus>, a later hand has added: <q>vantar! 1 bl.</q></p>
                                <p>In the bottom margin of fol. <locus>20r</locus>, a different hand has added two illegible words and the number 78 upside down.</p>
                            <p>Fol. <locus>19v</locus> contains some later marginalia.</p>
                            <p>In the first part of the manuscript, there are additions in the margins written by the scribe.</p></additions>
                            <bindingDesc><binding><p>The manuscript is bound in a grey cardboard binding from <name type="person" key="JenWeb001">Jens Jacob Weber</name>'s time, 
                                i.e. <date from="1771" to="1870">1771-1780</date>. Printed material was used for the pastedown.
                                On the front cover, the shelfmark (including the letter) and the titles of the texts were written in ink. 
                                On the spine, there are two stickers for the shelfmark and the running number.</p></binding></bindingDesc> 
                            <p>The codicological unit was written in <origPlace key="IS">Iceland</origPlace>.
                                Kålund dates it to the <origDate notBefore="1601" notAfter="1700">seventeenth century</origDate> <bibl><ref target="KKKat">Katalog II</ref>, 
                                    <biblScope unit="page">27</biblScope></bibl>.</p>
                            <provenance><p>It is not known when, from whom or in which physical form
                                <name type="person" key="ArnMag001" role="owner">Árni Magnússon</name>
                                acquired the codicological unit. It is very likely that either 
                                <name type="person" key="ArnMag001" role="owner">Árni Magnússon</name> himself
                                or someone not too long before him rearranged the parts of a former manuscript, which
                                now form <ref>AM 615 f-m 4to</ref>. That collection <name type="person" key="ArnMag001" role="owner">Árni Magnússon</name>
                                compiled with the rest of today's  <ref>AM 615 4to</ref>-manuscripts.</p>
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                                    <listRelation period="t1">
                                        <relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM040615hCU1" passive="#JO040615" n="9"/>
                                    </listRelation><listBibl><bibl>AM 456 fol.</bibl></listBibl> 
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            <change type="handrit"><name key="ThorSig01" type="person">ÞS</name> skráði <date from="2003-01-17"
                    to="2003-01-22">17.-22. janúar 2003</date></change>
            <change when="2014" who="#BS">Adopted from handrit.is and adjusted according to own standards.</change>
            <change when="2015" who="#BS">Markup checked.</change> 
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