Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts

Repository for PhD project files by Beeke Stegmann

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				<title>AM 224 fol.</title>
				<availability status="free"><licence target="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/">
					Distributed by the University of Copenhagen under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
					3.0 Unported License.</licence></availability>
				<authority>Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, København</authority>
				<msDesc xml:id="AM020224" xml:lang="en"> 
						<repository ref="#AMDK">Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, Copenhagen</repository> 
						<idno>AM 224 fol.</idno>
					<msPart xml:id="AM020224CU1">
							<idno>AM 224 fol. CU1</idno>
						<msItem n="1">
							<locus from="1r" to="139v"/>  		
							<title type="uniform">Thómas saga erkibiskups</title>
							<rubric>Saga Thomæ Erkib<ex>isku</ex>ps</rubric>
							<incipit>Liost er orþit af</incipit>
							<explicit>anda um eylifra allder allda Amen</explicit>
							<textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
							<note>Fols. <locus>100v-103r</locus> are left blank in order to mark a lacuna.</note>
							<note>There are six blank leaves at the end of the manuscript.</note>
						<objectDesc form="codex">							
							<supportDesc material="chart">								
									<num type="front-flyleaf" value="3"/>
									<num type="book-block" value="145"/>
									<num type="back-flyleaf" value="3"/>
									<dimensions type="leaf">
										<height unit="mm" quantity="315"/> 
										<width unit="mm" quantity="200"/>
									<watermark ana="yes">The watermark is a coat of arms of Amsterdam with the letters "AJ" underneath. The countermark shows two letters "PR" and sometimes the letters "PL" written together.<p>
										The details are:
											<item>Fol. 1: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 2: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 3: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 4: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 5: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 6: letters (?)</item>
											<item>Fol. 7: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 8: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 9: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 10: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 11: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 12: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 13: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 14: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 15: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 16: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 17: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 18: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 19: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 20: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 21: coat of arms (?)</item>
											<item>Fol. 22: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 23: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 24: coat of arms (?)</item>
											<item>Fol. 25: ?</item> <!--  thicker paper -->
											<item>Fol. 26: ?</item> <!--  thicker paper -->
											<item>Fol. 27: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 28: letters (?)</item>
											<item>Fol. 29: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 30: letters </item>
											<item>Fol. 31: ?</item> <!--  thicker paper -->
											<item>Fol. 32: ?</item> <!--  thicker paper -->
											<item>Fol. 33: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 34: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 35: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 36: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 37: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 38: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 39: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 40: letters</item>
												<item>Fol. 41: letters</item>
												<item>Fol. 42: letters</item>
												<item>Fol. 43: letters</item>
												<item>Fol. 44: letters</item>
												<item>Fol. 45: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
												<item>Fol. 46: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
												<item>Fol. 47: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
												<item>Fol. 48: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 49: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 50: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 51: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 52: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 53: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 54: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 55: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 56: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 57: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 58: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 59: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 60: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 61: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 62: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 63: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 64: letters (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 65: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 66: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 67: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 68: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 69: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 70: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 71: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 72: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 73: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 74: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 75: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 76: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 77: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 78: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 79: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 80: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 81: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 82: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 83: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 84: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 85: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 86: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 87: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 88: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 89: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 90: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 91: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 92: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 93: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 94: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 95: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 96: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 97: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 98: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 99: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 100: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 101: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 102: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 103: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 104: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 105: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 106: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 107: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 108: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 109: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 110: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 111: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 112: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 113: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 114: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 115: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 116: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 117: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 118: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 119: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 120: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 121: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 122: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 123: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 124: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 125: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 126: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 127: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. 128: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 129: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 130: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 131: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 132: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 133: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 134: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 135: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 136: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. 137: coat of arms (upside down)</item> <!-- singleton glued onto fol. 136 -->
											<item>Fol. 138: coat of arms (upside down)</item>
											<item>Fol. 139: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. [140]: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. [141]: letters</item>
											<item>Fol. [142]: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. [143]: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. [144]: coat of arms (upside up)</item>
											<item>Fol. [145]: letters</item>
									<p>The watermark on the flyleaves (and pastedowns) is a different coat of arms of Amsterdam (without letters) and without countermark.</p></watermark> 
								<foliation ana="later fol">There is later foliation in grey ink in the top right-hand corners (1-139).</foliation> 
								<foliation ana="later pag">There is later pagination in pencil in the top right-hand corners of the first half of the manuscript (1-151).</foliation>
								<collation><p>There are eighteen quires: <list>
									<item>I: fols. 1-8 (1+8, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5) (4 bifolia)</item> 
									<item>II: fols. 9-16 (9+16, 10+15, 11+14, 12+13) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>III: fols. 17-24 (17+24, 18+23, 19+22, 20+21) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>IV: fols. 25-32 (25+32, 26+31, 27+30, 28+29) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>V: fols. 33-40 (33+40, 34+39, 35+38, 36+37) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>VI: fols. 41-48 (41+48, 42+47, 43+46, 44+45) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>VII: fols. 49-56 (49+56, 50+55, 51+54, 52+53) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>VIII: fols. 57-64 (57+64, 58+63, 59+62, 60+61) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>IX: fols. 65-72 (65+72, 66+71, 67+70, 68+69) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>X: fols. 73-80 (73+80, 74+79, 75+78, 76+79 (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>XI: fols. 81-88 (81+88, 82+87, 83+86, 84+85) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>XII: fols. 89-96 (89+96, 90+95, 91+94, 92+93) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>XIII: fols. 97-104 (97+104, 98+103, 99+102, 100+101) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>XIV: fols. 105-112 (105+112, 106+111, 107+110, 108+109) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>XV: fols. 113-120 (113+120, 114+119, 115+118, 116+117) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>XVI: fols. 121-128 (121+128, 122+127, 123+126, 124+125) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<item>XVII: fols. 129-137 (129+136, 130+135, 131+134, 132+133, 137) (4 bifolia, 1 singleton)</item>
									<item>XVIII: fols. 138-[145] (138+[145], 139+[144], [140]+[143], [141]+[142]) (4 bifolia)</item>
									<signatures>There are no quire signatures.</signatures>
									<catchwords>There are catchwords on every eighth leaf, i.e. fols. <locus>8v</locus>, <locus>16v</locus>,
									<locus>24v</locus>, <locus>32v</locus>, <locus>40v</locus> etc. until <locus>136v</locus>.</catchwords> 
								<condition><p>The leaves are in good condition and hardly dirty. Only around the edges is there a slight discolouration.</p>
									<p>The pages at quire boundaries are somewhat darker.</p>
								<layout columns="1" writtenLines="32 33">
									<num type="wpl" atLeast="7" atMost="12"/>
									<dimensions type="written">
										<height unit="mm" quantity="270"/>
										<width unit="mm" atLeast="145" atMost="150"/>
									<note>The inner and outer margins are marked by means of folding the paper.</note>
						<handDesc hands="1">
							<handNote scribeRef="#AsgJon001" scope="sole" script="chancery"/>
						<decoDesc><decoNote type="initial">The first initial spans ca. 3 lines and is decorated with additional lines on the ascender.</decoNote>
							<decoNote type="initial">Most initials are written larger (1-2 lines) and are slightly decorated by means of loops and curls.</decoNote>
							<decoNote type="frieze">There is a medium large tail-piece on fol. <locus>139v</locus>
								resembling an infinity sign with an additional loop.</decoNote>
							<decoNote type="other">On the edges there is bright red colouring.</decoNote></decoDesc>
						<additions><p>There are very few later additions in the margins (e.g. on fol. <locus>4r</locus>). Some of them are variant readings (e.g. fols. <locus>31r and 33r</locus>).</p></additions> 
						<bindingDesc><binding><p>The binding is a full binding of light parchment from <name type="person" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name>'s
						time, ca. <date notBefore="1730" notAfter="1730">1700-1730</date>. Parchment strips are laced through the spine fold and there are traces of two 
							stickers for the shelfmark and the running number on the spine, which were removed during conservation. They are now kept separately in the box of <ref>AM 224 fol.</ref> 
							<name type="person" key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name> has written the title of the saga 
							<q>Thomas saga Erkibikups</q> onto the spine using brown ink. <!-- Identification suggested by Mette Jakobsson, also considered likely by Giovanni Verri (personal communication Jan-March 2016) -->
							On the inside of the binding there 
						is possibly an old sea chart. The pastedowns are made from two different kinds of blank paper.
							<note>The parchment was reused from a slightly thicker and narrower binding as can be seen from traces on the back cover.</note></p></binding></bindingDesc> 
							<p>An <locus from="accMat01r" to="accMat01v">AM-slip</locus> 
							(<dimensions type="slip" unit="mm"><height>157</height><width>112</width></dimensions>) 
							is attached in front of the manuscript.
							One of <name key="ArnMag001" type="person">Árni Magnússon</name>'s scribes has written on it:
								<q>Fra Sal. Assessor Thormod Toruesens Enke 1720.</q> And <name key="ArnMag001" type="person">Árni Magnússon</name> has added: <q>Num. 1</q>.
								A modern hand has added the number <q>XII</q> underneath using pencil in order to indicate that the CU used to be part of 
								<name type="person" key="ThoTor001">Torfæus</name>' "Num. XII", not "Num. I"
								<bibl> Kålund 1909, p. 70.</bibl>.
								 The AM-slip shows a now horizontal folding line, on which seven stitching holes
								are visible in pairs.</p> <!-- the same slip (scribe, size, chain-lines, stitching line and fold) is found in AM 403 4to and AM 521 a 4to -->
							<p>The codicological unit was written in <origPlace key="NO">Norway</origPlace>,
								where <name type="person" key="ThoTor001" role="commissioner">Torfæus</name> had it written 
								by his scribe <name type="person" key="AsgJon001">Ásgeir Jónsson</name> at some point 
								between <origDate notBefore="1690" notAfter="1697">1690-1697</origDate>
								<bibl>Már Jónsson 2009, <biblScope unit="page">285</biblScope></bibl>.</p>
							<p><name type="person" key="ArnMag001" role="owner">Árni Magnússon</name> bought the larger manuscript, of which this was a part, 
								in <date when="1720">1720</date> from <name type="person" role="owner" key="ThoTor001">Torfæus</name>'s widow
								<bibl>Finnur Jónsson 1930, <biblScope unit="volume">I.1</biblScope>:<biblScope unit="page">417</biblScope></bibl>.</p>
 						   <listRelation period="t0">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM020224CU1" passive="#AM020224" n="1"/>
							<listRelation period="t1">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM020224CU1" passive="#JO020224" n="1"/>
							</listRelation><listBibl><bibl>AM 456 fol.</bibl></listBibl> 
							<listRelation period="t2">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#AM020224CU1" passive="#BS41" n="1"/> 
							</listRelation><listBibl><bibl>Kålund 1909, <biblScope unit="page">70</biblScope></bibl></listBibl> 
							<!--<listRelation period="t3">
								<relation type="CRM" name="P46_forms_part_of" active="#" passive="#" n=""/>
			<change when="2015" who="#BS">Catalogued according to own standards.</change> 


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