Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts

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                <title>AM 188 fol.</title>
                <availability status="free"><licence target="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/">
                    Distributed by the University of Copenhagen under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
                    3.0 Unported License.</licence></availability>
                <authority>Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, København</authority>
                <msDesc xml:id="AM020188" xml:lang="en">
                        <repository ref="#AMDK">Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, Copenhagen</repository>
                        <idno>AM 188 fol.</idno>
                    <msPart xml:id="AM020188CU1"> 
                            <idno>AM 188 fol. CU1</idno>
                        <msItem n="1" defective="false">
                            <locus from="1r" to="11v"/>
                            <title>Mágus saga jarls</title>
                            <rubric>Hier byriast Magus Jalls Saga</rubric>
                            <textLang mainLang="is">Icelandic</textLang>
                            <note>The lower half of fol. <locus>11v</locus> is blank.</note>
                            <objectDesc form="codex">							
                                <supportDesc material="chart">								
                                        <num type="front-flyleaf" value="0"/>
                                        <num type="book-block" value="11"/>
                                        <num type="back-flyleaf" value="0"/>
                                        <dimensions type="leaf">
                                            <height unit="mm" quantity="326"/> 
                                            <width unit="mm" quantity="205"/> 
                                        <watermark ana="yes">The watermark is a flourished coat of arms with a fish and the letters "S" and "O" inside.
                                            <note>The same watermark is found in <ref>AM 144 fol.</ref></note></watermark>
                                    <foliation ana="pag contemporary">There is contemporary pagination in dark ink in the top outer corners (147-168).</foliation>
                                    <foliation ana="fol later">There is later foliation in red ink in the left half of the top margins (1-11).</foliation>
                                    <collation><p>There are three quires: <list>  
                                        <item>I: fols. 1-4 (1+4, 2+3) (2 bifolia)</item>
                                        <item>II: fols. 5-8 (5+8, 6+7) (2 bifolia)</item>
                                        <item>III: fols. 9-11 (9, 10+11) (1 singleton, 1 bifolium)</item>
                                        <signatures>There are no quire signatures.</signatures>
                                        <catchwords ana="yes">There are catchwords on every page.</catchwords>
                                    <condition><p>The leaves show different stains and discoloration, especially close to the edges.</p>
                                    <p>The bottom edge is untrimmed.</p>
                                    <p>Some leaves have been repaired close to the spine.</p>
                                    <p>The bottom outer corner of the last leaf (fol. <locus>11</locus>) is missing. It got stuck to the inside of
                                    the back cover of the binding (were it can still be seen) and was torn off.</p></condition>
                                    <layout columns="1" writtenLines="52 55">
                                        <num type="wpl" atLeast="15" atMost="20"/>
                                        <dimensions type="written">
                                            <height unit="mm" atLeast="250" atMost="260"/>
                                            <width unit="mm" quantity="145"/>
                                        <note>On fol. <locus>8r</locus>, the written surface is 295 mm x 150 mm.</note>
                        <handDesc hands="2">
                            <handNote scribeRef="unknown" scope="major" script="chancery"> 
                                <p> fols. 1r-7v:51 and 9r-11v were written in one hand in chancery script. Catchwords were written in kurrent script.</p>
                            <handNote scribeRef="unknown" scope="major" script="mixed">
                                <p> fols. 7v:51-8v was written in an other hand which switches in between fractura and kurrent.</p>
                                <decoNote type="initial">The initials span 2-8 lines and are ornamented intricately using additional strokes and
                                   different kinds of flourishing.</decoNote>
                            <decoNote type="paratext">The rubric and first line of the text are written in larger and
                               very decorative letters (imitating textualis script).</decoNote> 
                                <decoNote type="paratext">The catchwords are decorated with squiggles
                                    underneath that end in a loop, at times with a hook to the right.</decoNote>
                                <p>In the top left-hand corner of fol. <locus>9r</locus>, there is a hash tag-like mark, which could be a reference, but no addition was found.</p>
                            <p>Some words (mostly names and places) are underlined and marked in pencil.</p>
                                    <p>On fol. <locus>4r</locus>, there is a note in the right margin (in pencil), possibly written by 
                                        <name type="person" role="librarian" key="KriKaa001">Kr. Kålund</name>: <q>NB. vantar stuttan cap. eptir 580 β, 4to á 4to bl. ofantil. 23/11 99.</q></p>
                            <bindingDesc><binding><p>The manuscript is bound in a grey cardboard binding from <name type="person" key="JenWeb001" role="librarian">Jens Jakob Weber</name>'s time 
                                (i.e. <date notBefore="1771" notAfter="1780">1771-1780</date>). 
                            On the front cover, <q>No 188. Magus Jarls Saga</q> was written in ink. On the spine, there are two stickers for the shelfmark
                                and the running number. The pastedown contains printed material in multiple layers. The layout of this material looks similar to 
                                <name type="person" key="PetSuh001">PF Suhm</name>'s "Om Odin" (1771) but is a different text.</p></binding></bindingDesc>
                            <!-- Side rubric: Ældste navne paa Landskaber og Byer i Danmark (omkring side 191/192) -->
                            <accMat>There is an <locus from="accMat01r" to="accMat01v">AM-slip</locus>
                                (<dimensions type="slip" unit="mm"
                            that is attached to the recto-side of the front flyleaf. <name type="person"
                                    key="ArnMag001">Árni Magnússon</name> has written on its recto-side: <q>Magus Saga
                                        ur bok i grænu bande, er eg feck af Sr Jone Torfasyne a
                        <origin>The codicological unit was written in <origPlace key="IS">Iceland</origPlace>.
                            Kålund dates it to the <date notBefore="1651" notAfter="1700">end of the seventeenth century</date>,
                            while it is dated to ca. <origDate notBefore="1685" notAfter="1700">1685-1700</origDate> on
                        <provenance><p>According to the AM-slip, these 11 leaves were in a book with a
                            green binding that <name type="person" role="owner" key="ArnMag001">Árni
                                Magnússon</name> received from the pastor
                            <name type="person" key="JonTor001" role="owner">Jón Torfason</name>
                            in <name type="place">Breiðabólstaður</name>.</p>
                           <listRelation period="t0">
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                            </listRelation><listBibl><bibl>BS: based on AM-slips and old pagination.</bibl>
                                <bibl>see also RHI 1, <biblScope unit="page">xviii-xix</biblScope></bibl></listBibl> 
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            <change type="handrit">Catalogued <date>22-02-2002</date> by EW-J.</change>
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