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AM 615 g 4to
AM 615 g 4to (1601-1700, Iceland)
Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík
1. (1r-12r) Rímur af Heródes ættum Guðmundur Erlendsson Icelandic Rymur aff Herodes ættum Sönarlóg vr sagnardal elske ydur ejnn Gud alla Note: 5 rímur. 2. (12r-12v) Vefjarvísur Jón í Nesi Icelandic Vefiar vÿsur Jons i Nesi Vmm varpta þradujnn vera á rett einginn sa mig vinna par 3. (12v-12v) Lausavísur Icelandic 3.1. Um skriftinaVmm skrifftinaEinn sem skrifa ekki kann 3.2. Um iðninaVmm ydninaDropinn holar hardann stein 3.3. Um ótrúa eiginkonuVm otrüa eiginkonuEignarmanni otrutt sprund gaf Eiturs fædi 3.4. Um Hóratíum nokkurnVmm Horatjum nockurnEinsamall skemmtun a ad ollum parti
i, 12, i194-202 mm x 165 mm
There is a round watermark with a double margin containing numbers or letters. In the centre there is an object, possibly the top of a tower or the trunk or branch of a tree. The details are:
  • Fol. 1: "blank"
  • Fol. 2: circle (tower line)
  • Fol. 3: circle (tower line)
  • Fol. 4: "blank"
  • Fol. 5: "blank"
  • Fol. 6: circle (tower line)
  • Fol. 7: circle (lower part)
  • Fol. 8: "blank"
  • Fol. 9: "blank"
  • Fol. 10: circle (lower part)
  • Fol. 11: circle (lower part)
  • Fol. 12: "blank"

There is older foliation in brown ink in the bottom margins (96-107).There is modern foliation in pencil in the top right-hand corner of every page (1-12).
There is one quire:
  • Quire I: fols. 1-12 (1+12, 2+11, 3+10, 4+9, 5+8, 6+7) (6 bifolia)
There are no quire signatures.There is a catchword on fol. 1v.
  • There are many stains and especially the outside first and last page are dirty.
  • In the lower margins of all leaves, there is some damage from water and the leaves have been repaired there.
  • Some leaves have been repaired along the edges and the spine.
The text is written in one column. 180 mm x 135 mm33-3810-12
Unknown Hum cursiva Sole
  • Initial: The initials are written slightly larger than the main text (1-2 lines) and are emphasised by means of a few additional strokes.
  • Paratext: The rubrics are emphasised by means of larger script.
  • On fol. 1r, the initials of the author
    "S G E s"
    were added by a later hand.
  • On the recto-side of the front flyleaf, a modern hand has added:
    "Bind ved B.D. febr. 64"

The manuscript is bound in a grey cardboard binding. The pastedown is made from blank paper with a beehive watermark. On the spine, there two stickers for the shelfmark and the running number. In 1964, Birgitte Dall restored the binding (see additions).
There is no additional material.
The codicological unit was written in Iceland. Kålund dates it to the seventeenth century (Kålund 1889-1894, 2: 27).
It is not known when, from whom or in which physical form Árni Magnússon acquired the codicological unit. It is very likely that either Árni Magnússon himself or someone not too long before him rearranged the parts of a former manuscript, which now form AM 615 f-m 4to. That collection Árni Magnússon compiled with the rest of today's AM 615 4to-manuscripts.

Former Physical Context:
  • Earlier it was part of the compilation Ms39.
  • Before then the codicological unit was part of Ms39a.

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