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AM 554 h β 4to
AM 554 h β 4to (1620-1670, Iceland)
Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík
1. (1r-22v) Króka-Refs saga Icelandic Hér byrjast saga af Króka-Ref Á dögum Hákonar kóngs Aðalsteinsfóstra bjó út á Íslandi í Breiðafirði og er margt göfugra manna frá honum komið. Lúkum vær þar Króka-Refs sögu. 1.1. (22v-22v) Lausavísa um Króka-RefRefur Þorbjörn digran drap 2. (23r-56r) Þórðar saga hreðu Icelandic Sagan af Þórði hreðu Maður hét Þórður, hann var son Ketils höfum vér ekki fleira heyrt sagt með sannleik af honum og lýkur nú hér hans sögu. Note: On fol. 44r, there is open space to indicate a lacuna in the exemplar. Fol. 43 has been added later to fill in the missing text, and the first lines on fol. 44r were subsequently crossed out in order to prevent overlap (as the text is slightly different). 3. (56v-67v) Orms þáttur Stórólfssonar Icelandic Saga af Ormi Stórólfssyni Ketill hængur er maður nefndur og varð sóttdauður í elli sinni, og hélt vel trú sína.
68210 mm x 162 mm
The watermark is difficult to see, since the paper is rather thick.
In the first part, fols. 1-42, there is a medium sized round watermark with a little crown or ornaments on top.
Fols. 44-67 bear a small foolscap watermark in a collar with seven bells.
On the added leaves [42bis] and 43, there is no watermark, but chain-lines are visible.

There is later foliation in red ink in the top outer corners (1-67), not counting the smaller leaf fol. [42bis].
There are eleven quires:
  • Quire I: fols. 1-6 (1+6, 2+5, 3+4) (3 bifolia) Note: This is an original quire
  • Quire II: fols. 7+12 (7+12, 8+11 9+10) (3 bifolia)
  • Quire III: fols. 13-18 (13+18, 14+17, 15+16) (3 bifolia)
  • Quire IV: fols. 19-24 (19+24, 20+23, 21+22) (3 bifolia) Note: Some leaves have been supported at the spine, but this seems to be an original quire.
  • Quire V: fols. 25-30 (25+30, 26+29, 27+28) (3 bifolia)
  • Quire VI: fols. 31-36 (31+36, 32+35, 33+34) (3 bifolia) Note: The outer bifolium is repaired, but it seems to be original.
  • Quire VII: fols. 37-42 (37+42, 38+41, 39+40) (3 bifolia)
  • Quire VIII: fols. [42bis]-49 ([42bis], 43, 44+49, 45+48, 46+47) (2 singletons, 3 bifolia) Note: This is an original quire with two additions: Fols. [42bis] and 43.
  • Quire IX: fols. 50-55 (50+55, 51+52, 53+54) (3 bifolia)
  • Quire X: fols. 56-61 (56+61, 57+60, 58+59) (3 bifolia)
  • Quire XI: fol. 62-67 (62+67, 63+66, 64+65) (3 bifolia) Note: This is an original quire.
There are no quire signatures.There are long pseudo-catchwords filling more than two thirds of the line.
  • The edges are untrimmed and darker than the rest of the leaves.
  • There are some dark, larger stains, e.g. on fol. 37r and in the lower outer corner of almost all leaves.
  • Some of the leaves have been repaired close to the spine.
  • On fol. [42bis], the ink bleeds through the paper.
The text is written in one column. 180 mm x 140 mm22-2410-12Note: Chapter numbers are indicated in the margins.
Ketill Jörundsson Cursiva Sole
  • Initial: Initials are written barely larger than other letters (1 line). They are emphasised by a short distance to the following letters. The initials are not decorated.
  • Paratext: The catchwords are decorated with a simple curved line to the left.
  • Paratext: The rubrics are written in larger letters than the main text.
  • There are Latin additions in the margins by Brynjólfur Sveinsson (handrit.is).
  • There are two added leaves, fols. [42bis] and 43, both of which contain omitted text. Fol. 43 was written by the scribe, while fol. [42bis] was written by a different hand. Fol. [42bis] is a small slip containing text missing on fol.42v; fol. 43 fills in a lacuna indicated on the following leaf.

The manuscript is bound in a grey cardboard binding with the titles of the texts written on the front board. On the spine there are two stickers for the shelfmark and the running number. The pastedown is made from blank paper.
There are two AM-slips in front of the manuscript, of which the smaller (AM-slip 1) is glued onto the larger (AM-slip 2):
  • AM-slip 1 (160 mm x 98 mm) reads in the hand of Árni Magnússon:
    "a bok Gudmundar Þorleifssonar i 4to, med hendi Sera Ketils Jỏrundssonar1703 hia mier
    Kroka Refs saga.
    Þordar hredu Saga.
    Saga af Ormi Storolfssyne.
    Saga Gunnar Kelldugnups fifls.
    Persius Rimur Gudmundar Andres sonar. 6.
    Bellerofontis Rimur 5. (vantar eina.
    Ansrimur Sigurdar Blinda."
  • AM-slip 2 is also in the hand of Árni Magnússon, but was written at several different occasions and later, everything was crossed out except for possibly
    "Kroka-Refs Saga"
    "Arons saga Hiỏrleifssonar
    Hænsa Þoriss saga.
    Finnboga Ramma saga.
    Bandamanna saga.
    Kroka-Refs Saga. 2. exempl.
    Aulkofra saga. 2. exempl."
The codicological unit was written in Iceland. Kålund dates it to the seventeenth century (Kålund 1889-1894, 1: 702-703), but the active period of the scribe was ca. 1620-1670.
Árni Magnússon received the larger manuscript, of which this was a part, from Guðmundur Þorleifsson in Brokey in 1703 (see accMat).

Former Physical Context:
Note: The second slip with the crossed out titles could possibly indicate that the manuscript was grouped with the other named items before it came into its final location in JO040554.
  • When Árni Magnússon acquired the codicological unit it was part of Ms33.
  • Before then the codicological unit was part of Ms33b.

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