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AM 164 c fol.
AM 164 c fol. (1601-1700, Iceland)
Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík
1. (1r-8r) Flóamanna saga Icelandic Saga af nokkrum landnámsmönnum sérdeilis Þorgils Þórðarsyni kölluðum orrabeinsfóstra og nokkrum Flóamönnum. Haraldur kóngur Gullskeggur réð fyrir Sogni móður Steinunnar, móður Herdísar, móður Bjarnar, föður Gissurar galla, föður Hákonar, föður Jóns.
9313 mm x 194 mm
On the original leaves, there is a small round watermark (snake-like?). There is no countermark visible.
Note: The last leaf fol. 8 is cut right through the watermark. The details are:
  • Fol. 1: "blank"
  • Fol. 2: small round watermark
  • Fol. 3: "blank"
  • Fol. 4: small round watermark
  • Fol. 5: "blank"
  • Fol. 6: small round watermark
  • Fol. 7: "blank"
  • Fol. 8: small round watermark (half)

There is later foliation with black ink in the top outer corners (1-8), not foliating the removed leaf fol. [8bis].
There is one quire:
  • Quire I: fols. 1-[8bis] (1+8, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5, [8bis]) (4 bifolia, 1 singleton) Note: The first eight leaves form an original quire according to the watermarks. Fol. [8bis] is a later addition.
There are no quire signatures.There are long catchwords (ca. half a line) on every page, of which only the last word is the actual catchword. The rest is a pseudo-catchword.
  • The lower part of fol. 8 is cut off at the end of the text.
  • The leaves are rather dirty with many stains, especially around the edges.
  • Many leaves have been repaired using Japanese paper.
The text is written in one column. 275 mm x 155 mm60-6417-21
Unknown Hybrida Sole
  • Initial: The major initial spans ca. 3 lines. It is decorated in a subtle way by means of bolder strokes, one of them being fractured. Other initials span hardly more than 1 line and are emphasised in a subtle manner.
  • Paratext: The rubric is written in larger letters of chancery script.
  • Frieze: There are two tiny tail-pieces at the end of the text. They resemble the letters "q.q." with the bowls filled in.
  • There are several names on fol. 8v, which was originally blank. One of them can be read as
    "Daði Jónsson"
  • A piece of paper (possibly from an envelope) was glued onto fol. 8 to replace the lower cut-off part of the leaf. (Now removed and counted as fol. [8bis]). On the verso-side of the added paper,
    "á Alþyng"
    can be read and some writing is running bottom-up on what may have been the front of the envelope.
  • On the lower part of the added leaf, the names
    "Jón Halldórsson m.e.h."
    "Margrét Pétursdóttir"
    can be read without turning the paper. These may have been added, after the piece was glued onto fol. 8v. Since the verso-side of the remaining fol. 8 was originally blank, the cut-off part may have only contained some stanzas, an incomplete beginning of a new text, or was originally blank and reused for a different purpose. Note: Margrét Pétursdóttir is the wife of Daði Jónsson and the mother of Jón Daðason Gam, from whom Árni Magnússon received the manuscript. That means the manuscript may have been changed before it came to him.
  • A narrow paper strip used to be glued onto fol. 8. On its verso-side
    "re Þorleifsson"
    can be read.

The manuscript is bound in a grey cardboard binding (313 mm x 200 mm x 4 mm) from Jens Jacob Weber's time, i.e. 1771-1780. The shelfmark (including the letter "C") and the title of the saga are written onto the front cover. On the spine, there is a blue sticker for the shelfmark. The pastedown is made from blank paper, but in the back, printed material can be seen through it.
  • An AM-slip (97 mm x 76 mm), written by Árni Magnússon, reads:
    "ur bok þeirre er eg feck af Jonas Dadasyne"
The codicological unit was written in Iceland. Kålund dates it to the seventeenth century (Kålund 1889-1894, 1: 133).
Árni Magnússon received the larger codex, of which this codicological unit was a part, from Jón Daðason (see AM-slip).

Former Physical Context:
  • When Árni Magnússon acquired the codicological unit it was part of Ms79.

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