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AM 129 fol.
AM 129 fol. (1651-1700, Iceland)
Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík
1. (1r-26v) Eyrbyggja saga Icelandic Hér hefur Eyrbyggju Ketill flatnefur hét hersir ættgöfugur fýstust ég þess sagði Þorsteinn og skildu við svo búið. Hér endar þessi saga, sælir alla daga. Note: There are a few blank spaces in the text. 2. (26v-26v) Two verses Hinrik Magnússon Icelandic 2.1. (26v-26v) Vísa um Björn ÁsbrandssonIcelandicVísa um Björn ÁsbrandssonLeið fór Björn svo bráða Breiðvíkingur dauðann veitti kauðum. 2.2. (26v-26v) Vísa um Steinþór ÞorlákssonIcelandicVísa um Steinþór ÞorlákssonSteinþór á Eyri stundum standa henti spjót og sendi.H:M:S:M:E:H:
i, 26, i304 mm x 194 mm
The first quire (fol. 1-16) shows a large round watermark with a double line with letters inside. In the centre of the watermark are geometrical figures with some more letters below.
The rest of the manuscript shows a large foolscap watermark with five bells in the collar and a chain behind the head. The countermark reads "RONDEL". Note: The last two leaves (fols. 25-26) both show the countermark ("RONDEL") upside down (read edge to spine).

There is later foliation in dark ink in the top outer corners of every fifth leaf and the last (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 26).There is later foliation in pencil in the top outer corners (1-26), unless there is ink foliation, in which case the foliation in pencil is located in the top inner corners.
There are three quires:
  • Quire I: Fols. 1-16 (1+16, 2+15, 3+14, 4+13, 5+12, 6+11, 7+10, 8+9) (8 bifolia) Note: This could be an original quire according to the watermarks. However, all leaves have been repaired at the spine.
  • Quire II: Fols. 17-24 (17+24, 18+23, 19+22, 20+21) (4 bifolia) Note: This could be an original quire according to the watermarks.
  • Quire III: Fols. 25-26 (1 bifolium)Note: The two leaves were joined during restoration, but originally formed a quire together with the first leaves now found in AM 163 k fol.
There are no quire signatures.There are no catchwords.
  • The leaves are rather dirty with many stains.
  • There are older repairs at the spine using paper strips.
  • Some text in the margins has been lost due to trimming.
The text is written in one column. 255 mm x 155 mm34-3612-14
Hinrik Magnússon Chancery Sole
  • Initial: The first initial equals ca. 3 lines and is delicately decorated by means on flourishing and ornamentation. Other initials span 1-2 lines and are decorated somewhat less.
  • Paratext: The first lines of chapters are written in larger decorated letters.
  • Árni Magnússon has made an addition in the lower part of fol. 26v, where he interprets the initials of the colophon as:
    "Hinrik Magnússon er bjó í Saurbæ"
  • Notes and variants are added to the margins.
  • There are later added running titles on fols. 1v-3r.

The current binding (310 mm x 220 mm x 20 mm) is a modern half binding with fabric on the boards. It was made by Birgitte Dall in 1973.
An older binding (305 mm x 198 mm x 8 mm) is kept with the manuscript. That binding consists out of grey cardboard and has blank paper as pastedown. There are two stickers with the shelfmark on the spine and the shelfmark and title are written on the front cover. There are two old flyleaves in the binding. On the first flyleaf, the letter "g" can be read. On its verso-side, there is something written that resembles the number "43". The watermark on the flyleaves is a coat of arms of Amsterdam.

An AM-slip (45 mm x 149 mm) is attached to fol. 1r. Árni Magnússon has written on it:
"Eyrbyggia-saga. ur Bok er eg fieck af Monsr Jonas Dadasyne"
The codicological unit was written in Iceland. Kålund dates it to the seventeenth century (Kålund 1889-1894, 1: 92), but the active writing period of the scribe was the second half of the seventeenth century.
Árni Magnússon received the larger codex, of which the codicological unit was a part, from Jónas Daðason (see AM-slip).

Former Physical Context:
  • When Árni Magnússon acquired the codicological unit it was part of Ms79.
  • Before then the codicological unit was part of Ms79a.

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