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AM 5 fol.
AM 5 fol. (1601-1700, Iceland)
Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, Copenhagen
1. (1r:1-11v:20) Völsunga saga Icelandic Saga aaf Ragnar Lödbrök ok morgum kongum merkelegum Hier hefur upp ok seiger fra þeim manne er Siggi er nefndur, ok vard þeim þat at alldur lægi. 2. (11v:20-18r:43) Ragnars saga loðbrókar Icelandic 41: Cap. Heimir J hlimz Dỏlum Spyr nu þessi Tydindj Og þötti þetta mỏnnum undarlegt, ok Sogdu þetta Sÿdann fraa odrumm mỏnnum Note: The lower part of fol. 18r and all of fol. 18v are blank.
i, 18, i310 mm x 192 mm
The watermark is a foolscap in a collar with seven bells.
The paper is rather dark, so that the watermark is difficult to see.
The details are:
  • Fol. 1: "blank"?
  • Fol. 2: foolscap upside down
  • Fol. 3: "blank"?
  • Fol. 4: foolscap upside down
  • Fol. 5: "blank"?
  • Fol. 6: foolscap upside up
  • Fol. 7: "blank"?
  • Fol. 8: foolscap upside up
  • Fol. 9: "blank"?
  • Fol. 10: foolscap upside up
  • Fol. 11: foolscap upside down
  • Fol. 12: "blank"?
  • Fol. 13: "blank"?
  • Fol. 14: "blank"?
  • Fol. 15: foolscap upside up?
  • Fol. 16: foolscap upside up?
  • Fol. 17: foolscap upside up
  • Fol. 18: "blank"
On the AM-slip parts of a large round watermark are visible.

The manuscript is foliated in red ink by Kålund in the top right-hand corners (1-18).There is foliation in pencil in the bottom margins (1-18).
There are two quires:
  • Quire I: fols. 1-10 (1+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7, 5+6) (5 bifolia)
  • Quire II: fols. 11-18 (11+18, 12+17, 13+16, 14+15) (4 bifolia)
There are no quire signatures.There are long catchwords (ca. half a line) on every page, of which only the last words are the actual catchwords.
  • Many leaves have been repaired at the spine.
  • There are stains throughout the manuscript.
  • The leaves are rather dark, especially fols. 1r and 18v.
  • The leaves have been trimmed, so that most marginal notes are damaged.
The text is written in one column. 280 mm x 170 mm57-6119-23Note: Verses are marked with "W" in the margins.
Unknown Hybrida Sole
Info: With the exception of most of fol. 5v and the rubrics, the script is neat and small.
  • Initial: The first initials spans two lines. Other initials do not exceed one line.
  • Paratext: The rubrics and first lines of paragraphs are written with larger letters.
  • Paratext: The end of the text is written in the shape of half a diamond. Note: Same degree of tilting as in AM 164 c fol.
  • Frieze: There are two small tail-pieces at the end of the text. They resemble a combination of "C" and "T". Note: The style of the tail-pieces is similar to the ones found in AM 164 c fol., but they are not quite the same.
  • A later hand has written
    "Ragnars-Saga Lodbrokar Ur bok er ek feck af Jone Dadasyne, frä Vallä"
    onto the verso-side of the front flyleaf using brown ink. Note: This message seems to be copied from the AM-slip (see accMat).
  • In the top left-hand corner of the front cover's inside, the number
    can be read in brown ink.
The binding is a thin grey cardboard binding with
"Ragnars Saga Lod-brookar No 5."
written on the front cover. There is a sticker for the shelfmark on the spine and there used to be another sticker for the running number. The pastedown and flyleaves are made from white paper with chain-lines and possibly a lion-watermark. Both pastedowns and the back flyleaf show margin ruling in pencil.

An AM-slip (147 mm x 150 mm) is glued onto the verso-side of the front flyleaf. It reads in Árni Magnússon's hand:
"Ragnars-Saga Lodbrokar Ur bok er ek feck af Jone Dadasyne, frä Vallä"
. The verso-side of the slip shows traces of glue in the outer margin.
The codicological unit was written in Iceland. Kålund dates it to the seventeenth century (Kålund 1889-1894, 1: 8).
Árni Magnússon bought the codicological unit from Jón Daðason á Vallá (see AM-slip).

Former Physical Context:
  • When Árni Magnússon acquired the codicological unit it was part of Ms79.

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