Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts

Repository for PhD project files by Beeke Stegmann

AM 1 a-c fol. XML
AM 5 fol. XML
AM 9 fol. XML
AM 13 fol. XML
AM 15 fol. XML
AM 34 fol. XML
AM 49 fol. XML
AM 99 fol. XML
AM 108 fol. XML
AM 113 b fol. XML
AM 113 c-k fol. XML
AM 129 fol. XML
AM 130 fol. XML
AM 139 fol. XML
AM 142 fol. XML
AM 144 fol. XML
AM 148 fol. XML
AM 155 fol. XML
AM 156 fol. XML
AM 161 fol. XML
AM 163 e fol. XML
AM 163 i fol. XML
AM 163 k fol. XML
AM 163 m fol. XML
AM 163 n fol. XML
AM 164 b fol. XML
AM 164 c fol. XML
AM 164 e γ fol. XML
AM 169 a fol. XML
AM 169 b fol. XML
AM 169 d fol. XML
AM 181 i fol. XML
AM 185 fol. XML
AM 188 fol. XML
AM 192 fol. XML
AM 199 fol. XML
AM 202 b fol. XML
AM 207 a fol. XML
AM 212 fol. XML
AM 218 fol. XML
AM 224 fol. XML
AM 341 fol. XML
AM 365 fol. XML
AM 218 a 4to XML
AM 218 b 4to XML
AM 218 c 4to XML
AM 261 4to XML
AM 294 4to XML
AM 297 4to XML
AM 345 4to XML
AM 351 4to XML
AM 363 4to XML
AM 403 4to XML
AM 408 a-i 4to XML
AM 409 a 4to XML
AM 410 4to XML
AM 521 a 4to XML
AM 536 4to XML
AM 539 4to XML
AM 554 a α 4to XML
AM 554 h α 4to XML
AM 554 h β 4to XML
AM 554 i 4to XML
AM 585 a 4to XML
AM 585 b 4to XML
AM 585 c 4to XML
AM 585 d 4to XML
AM 585 e 4to XML
AM 587 e 4to XML
AM 588 p 4to XML
AM 588 r 4to XML
AM 606 g 4to XML
AM 610 a 4to XML
AM 611 e 4to XML
AM 612 c 4to XML
AM 613 c 4to XML
AM 613 f 4to XML
AM 613 g 4to XML
AM 615 a 4to XML
AM 615 b 4to XML
AM 615 c 4to XML
AM 615 d 4to XML
AM 615 e 4to XML
AM 615 f 4to XML
AM 615 g 4to XML
AM 615 h 4to XML
AM 615 i 4to XML
AM 615 k 4to XML
AM 615 l 4to XML
AM 615 m 4to XML
AM 615 n 4to XML
AM 615 o 4to XML
AM 630 4to XML
AM 716 a 4to XML
AM 716 b 4to XML
AM 716 h 4to XML
AM 716 i 4to XML
AM 716 k 4to XML
AM 770 a-c 4to XML
AM 777 b-d 4to XML
AM 779 c 4to XML
AM 1006 4to XML
AM 34 8vo XML
AM 37 b 8vo XML
AM 53 8vo XML
AM 100 8vo XML
AM 109 a 8vo XML
AM 114 8vo XML
AM 116 8vo XML
AM 118 a 8vo XML
AM 119 a 8vo XML
AM 154 8vo XML
AM 440 a 12mo XML
AM 440 b 12mo XML
Graphical overviews of origins and physical history of manuscript parts relevant to the project

Based on units
recorded in 1730

Number 1 in fol
Number 5 in fol
Number 9 in fol
Number 13 in fol
Number 15 in fol
Number 34 in fol
Number 49 in fol
Number 99 in fol
Number 108 in fol
Number 113 in fol
Number 129 in fol
Number 130 in fol
Number 139 in fol
Number 142 in fol
Number 144 in fol
Number 148 in fol
Number 155 in fol
Number 156 in fol
Number 161 in fol
Number 163 in fol
Number 164 in fol
Number 169 in fol
Number 181 in fol
Number 185 in fol
Number 188 in fol
Number 192 in fol
Number 199 in fol
Number 202 in fol
Number 207 in fol
Number 212 in fol
Number 218 in fol
Number 224 in fol
Number 341 in fol
Number 365 in fol
Number 218 in 4to
Number 261 in 4to
Number 294 in 4to
Number 297 in 4to
Number 345 in 4to
Number 351 in 4to
Number 363 in 4to
Number 403 in 4to
Number 408 in 4to
Number 409 in 4to
Number 410 in 4to
Number 521 in 4to
Number 536 in 4to
Number 539 in 4to
Number 554 in 4to
Number 585 in 4to
Number 587 in 4to
Number 588 in 4to
Number 606 in 4to
Number 610 in 4to
Number 611 in 4to
Number 612 in 4to
Number 613 in 4to
Number 615 in 4to
Number 630 in 4to
Number 716 in 4to
Number 770 in 4to
Number 777 in 4to
Number 779 in 4to
Number 34 in 8vo
Number 53 in 8vo
Number 100 in 8vo
Number 109 in 8vo
Number 114 in 8vo
Number 116 in 8vo
Number 118 in 8vo
Number 119 in 8vo
Number 154 in 8vo
Number 440 in 12mo
Based on units
acquired by Árni

Based on earlier
known from


Welcome. Velkommen. Velkomin. Willkommen.

This is the repository for files created during my PhD project. The title of my project and the corresponding thesis is Árni Magnússon's rearrangement of paper manuscripts. It was undertaken during a three-year period from 2013 to 2016 at the Arnamagnæan Institute in Copenhagen at the University of Copenhagen.

The repository provides three basic kinds of data:

  1. Manuscript records
  2. Graphs visualising the physical development of manuscripts
  3. Authority files, reference lists and porcessing files

Manuscript records can be found in the main tab (Manuscript descriptions). There are a total of 114 manuscript descriptions, all of which are available in both user-friendly html-format and as raw XML files. The user-friendly version is created on the fly from the underlying XML using XSL transformation and CSS, which I custom made for this project. The transformed manuscript descriptions contain hyperlinks where a different physical context of a manuscript or a manuscript part is referenced. These hyperlinks lead to visualisation graphs (see below). Hyperlinks are also available for all personal names leading to an informational display with prosopographic details.

Graphs visualising the physical development of mansucripts are available in the second tab (Graphs) or through hyperlinks from the manuscript descriptions. These graphs show the changing physical context of manuscript parts over at least three time periods (and a maximum of four). The reference points for these time periods are the present-day form ("Present (t0)"), the shape that was recorded a few months after Árni's death ("1730 (t1)"), right before Árni obtained the manuscript in question or until he changed it ("Before Árni (t2)"), and if it is different from the latter and thus relevant, an additional period for even earlier than when the manuscript came to Árni can be recorded ("Earliest known form (t3)"). The travel of manuscript parts can be followed from the prespective of the different time periods as well. Based on the period chosen, the graphs depict the contents of a manuscript at that time, the context of its parts in the perious time period and all later ones. Please note that only parts that are contained by the corpus of the present study are depicted. In a few cases, however, which have been treated in more detail in the thesis, additional parts are indicated. Some images may also be so large that the user needs to zoom out to see the whole graph.

Autority files, reference lists and processing files are provided further down in the present tab. There are four XML-authority files: An authority file containing prosopographical information for personal names as well as three authority files recording the individual shapes of the mansuscripts in the three time periods of the past. Additionally, the website draws on authority files provided by the project Stories for all time: The Icelandic fornaldarsögur for information on repositories and languages.

The three downloadable lists provide overviews of former manuscripts. The first list references the form and contents of all for the study relevant manuscripts in 1730. Second, there is a complete list of known former paper codices in the periods right before Árni changed them and earlier if relevant. The third reference file is an overview of all paper manuscripts in the Arnamagnæan Collection (both in Copenhagen and Reykjavík) from the seventeenth and early eighteenth century (up to 1729) for which a relevant physical change is known to me. In addition to the manuscripts examined in the study, I have also listed other relevant manuscripts which are described as such in secondary literature. For the sake of completeness, I also share my XSLT and CSS files.

For more details see the introduction and appendix of my thesis.

All files made available here are destributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The framework of this file repository was created by Michael Barner-Rasmussen at the Department of Nordic Research.

Beeke Stegmann, 2016

Authority files:

Personal names

Manuscripts in 1730 (t1)

Manuscripts before Árni (t2)

Earlier manuscript forms (t3)

Reference files:

List of revelant manuscripts in 1730

List of former codices

Manuscript overview

Processing files:

XSLT for manuscript descriptions

CSS for manuscript descriptions

XSLT for biographical information

CSS for biographical information

Example of XSLT for DOT which underlies graphs

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